Church of God at Bladensburg

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Letter to the Saints

     Greetings to all from the saints of the congregation of the Church of God at Bladensburg, Ohio.  We hope this letter finds you doing well for the Lord and the furthering of his kingdom.  We are thankful to be able to report to you all how God has richly blessed us here in Bladensburg and has allowed us to work for him planting seed and spreading the good news of the gospel of Christ to the local community.  Over the past year we're seeing God's handiwork and the witness it has had with the people of this area and even other local churches.  God has allowed us to be used of him to be an outreach to this area and it's having an effect.  Souls are recognizing God's movement and we're beginning to see the seed grow.  We look forward to a bountiful harvest.  Praise the Lord.  All the glory and honor belongs to him.

     We're coming up on another July when the Lord has directed us to have an old fashioned tent meeting as a unique means to spread the gospel and reach people who might not attend a service in a church building but are attracted to the difference this style of meeting affords.  In past meetings the singing and rejoicing have been heard all the way into the village and now many who do not attend any church ask when and if another tent meeting will be held.  This honor of God to be allowed to work in this way brings great responsibility.  We're standing firm for the Lord and his word as we press on, working to spread the gospel and reach lost souls to win them to Christ.  Putting on the whole armor of God we've taken a stand to follow God wherever he may lead.  In so doing we refuse to compromise and back down from the truth of the Word.  Living closer to the world and being more like the world does not win the world to Christ.  They need to see Jesus through our lives and in our worship.  Being a peculiar people, separate from the sin of this world is the way we can be a beacon of light to show them the mercy and love God has and the glorious plan of salvation he gave so that we may all be his children and part of the kingdom of heaven.  

      As the scriptures warn, the devil tries constantly to find a way to get past our armor and cause injury and death to God's children.  We're reminded of Christ's warning in Matthew 16 to his own disciples; 'Take heed and beware the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees which he made clear was the false doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees.'  We take this to heart and apply it faithfully.  All are welcome, both saved and sinner.  All saints are welcome and desired to join us in fellowship.  We may not agree with their doctrine, but if they are faithfully living for the Lord and open to the Word, we love them as children of God.  We will, however, not entertain or further false doctrine.   As the Revelation teaches, the message to those of God's family encumbered by false teaching is 'Come out of her my people'.  Our earnest endeavor is to daily walk closer to the Lord.  To be more like him, have a deeper experience of salvation and constantly strive to be more holy.  This continuous work of grace through the love and mercy of God will allow us to be prepared for that day when we see him face to face and have him say 'Well done my child, welcome home'.  Hallelujah, what greater thing can a person hope for!

     We covet your earnest prayers to God that we may continue in the faith and do his will to reach a lost and dying world as we pray for you and your communities.  God has placed us each in the areas where he can use us to win the world around us, but it is good on occasion as he allows to be able to join with saints from other areas in fellowship and love to be strengthened and encouraged by the testimonies and sharing of God's goodness to us all.  If you are able and God permits we would greatly desire that you join us in fellowship at the tent meeting of the Church of God at Bladensburg this year.  We have nothing to offer except praise and worship to the Lord who is greatly to be praised.  May God richly bless you all and we are praying that he uses you and does great works to bring in the sheaves as the harvest is full.

God bless you, much love and prayers,
The saints of the Congregation of the Church of God at Bladensburg.