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Church of God at Bladensburg

The Good News Magazine

Our Mission​

1. To Lift up and glorify Christ, through a gospel-based publication.

2. To inspire and develop the youth, by drawing entirely from their ranks for talents in creativity, organization, leadership, and technical skill.


All roles should be staffed by youth ages thirteen to marriage.

1. Creative work

2. Writing & Gathering Submissions

3. Editing & Design

4. Print Production/Mailing


• The blessing of the congregation is a must.

• Oversight by the leadership is required.

• Yet the ideas, labors, and creativity should be entirely the youth’s responsibility.

Articles and Content

We include a variety of different articles with our staples being:

  • A main Bible study (or multiple) in line with each quarterly theme.
  • Testimonies from the saints (submissions encouraged).
  • Reports on Current Events in the Bladensburg Congregation.

Other Previous Content & Article Selections Include:

  • Original Cover Art and drawings
  • Song Analysis of well-known Gospel songs
  • Bible Trivia
  • Bible based Jokes & Cartoons
  • Good News for Kids including activities and short lesson for children
  • Original Songs & Poems
  • And more!


We will happily consider publishing testimonies, Bible studies, articles, devotionals, poems, and artwork. All submissions are subject to prayerful consideration and if selected; editing and proofreading as the editorial staff sees fit.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Content must be gospel-focused, from born again believers in Jesus Christ.
  • Please keep written submissions under one thousand words.
  • Artwork should be transmitted at a quality of 300 dpi or higher, in PDF format via email.


Submissions can be sent via email at: [email protected] 

Mailing List

Each issue is sent out to anyone interested in being o​n our mailing list. 

Not on the mailing list yet? 

We can fix that! 

Fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page to add your name to the list and get your own copy of each quarterly issue when it is released!